New crane prominent on city skyline.

A new team member arrived on site this week and is the biggest – and heaviest - yet.

If you haven’t guessed it already, Stretch is the nickname the New Dunedin Hospital project team has given to a rather large Titan Leibherr LR1250 crawler crane that arrived on site in 10 trucks at the former Cadbury factory this week.

Stretch took 2 days to set up and will be on site for approximately 2 months as part of the demolition works.

New Dunedin Hospital Programme Director Mike Barns says Stretch will be located in the centre of the site and will be visible across the Dunedin skyline.

“We have Civil Aviation Authority approval for Stretch because the crane sits within the existing hospital flight path and obviously it will be appropriately lit so that it is visible at all times.”

“Stretch has a busy time ahead and will be used to ‘cut and crane’ the top levels of the façade off. Stretch will also crane up two 20-tonne excavators that will start to demolish to the rest of the building from the top down and before he leaves will be used to help remove the silos.”

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