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January 9, 2024

Cadbury dairy building refurbishment

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Resource consent granted to adapt heritage building for site working space.

Resource consent has been granted by the Dunedin City Council to adapt the interior of the Cadbury dairy building which is part of the New Dunedin Hospital campus. The building will be used for site offices supporting the building of the new hospital.


When construction of the Inpatient Building is completed, the Dairy building will be refitted for staff amenities such as end-of-trip facilities for cyclists (e.g. lockers and showers), as well as collaborative workspaces alongside those located in the main building.


No changes will occur to the protected facade of the building itself which has heritage value.


The Cadbury dairy building has been part of Dunedin's landscape since it was originally constructed in 1868 as a sawmill, then used as a cellar in 1875. The building has retained its Victorian industrial form and its reconstructed facade reflects its adaptation in the early 20th century as part of Hudson's confectionery factory where chocolatier Richard Hudson used it as a dairy and it later became Cadbury's machine room.

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